Black is the new white color

There comes a time in each one of your lives where you wish to look above all, different and worth an eye. As soon as marriage is on cards, the hunt for wedding dress for the big day starts.

     Wedding-dresses differ from culture to culture but Most girls prefer a white wedding dress which evokes purity but brides these days are opting for something unconventional and a few prefer a black one over any other color. There is a taboo attached to this color black as a connotation of bad luck is attached to it and might bring bad luck especially when worn at your own wedding.

     Vera Wang is the only designer who had the guts to come up with a black bridal collection all with black laces and ruffles which was widely loved. The price range varies according to the richness of the dress, from $50 to some $200.

     Black wedding dresses were worn in fact centuries ago in different cultures. It was merely a matter of time when the ‘white dress cliche’ was toppled over by the rainbow of colors, which even included the color black. Although there is still some time left to see the brides walking down the aisle in the color black.

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