Modest wedding dresses


     Wedding is a memorable day for each woman. And we try to look perfect on this day. However some misses prefer low-cut dresses with a lot of paste on them. And the rest want to look really elegant, stylish and tasteful. That`s why such women usually choose modest wedding dresses that have nothing to do with cheap tawdriness. Though, it`s a matter of taste. So it`s up to you to decide what to wear.

Let`s see what American brands are the most favoured trademarks, and which dresses they propose.

The Brightest American Brands

  • Vera Wang, an American designer of Chinese origin, creates exquisite wedding dresses, which are the envy of many women. Wang always tries to break stereotypes. That`s why she has beige, red, grey, black and vinous bridal gowns in her collection. The price for Vera Wang`s dresses starts from about $500 and may reach even several million dollars. But the gowns are so impressive!
  • Another American designer Oscar de la Renta founded the company named after him. So it produces two collections of wedding dresses each year. Every model is a real masterpiece. The gowns are elegant. The material used in creating these dresses is very expensive. The texture of the cloth has the highest quality. The cost ranges from $2000 to $5000.
  • «Marys Bridal» dresses look chic. There is a great variety of gowns of absolutely different style. So every bride can choose whatever she wishes for. The regular price is about $1800.
  • «Eden Bridals» dresses cost about $700. The models have a very modest and moderate look. If you have a good taste – you`ll buy one of these dresses.
  • «Allure Couture» is a synonym to the word «elegance». At first you may be bewildered by such a big choice of various wedding gowns. But then you`ll see your admired one and take it. To determine the cost a buyer has to call to the company.

   And Now About My Dream Dress

     Choosing your dream dress doesn`t mean buying exclusively brand clothes. You may go to an atelier, where the professionals would gladly fulfill your order. But still there are busy women, who don`t have time on visiting ateliers and who can afford buying brand wedding gowns. Such clients usually make original orders and it must be especially exciting and interesting for the designers to work for them. They are a true find for well-known couturiers.

     What is your conclusion about what a perfect wedding dress should look like? It should form a complete bride`s style. And it`s better if your wedding gown makes some kind of a riddle for people looking at you. The dress mustn`t be too open.

     So be luxurious on this occasion!

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