Make your big day memorable and regal by choosing a purple wedding dress

Traditionally, brides have worn a white dress on their big day. These dresses tend to fade in the memories of guests fairly quickly.It’s hard to be memorable or unique when every bride wears the same color!However, you don’t have to choose this option and you can express your personality and style by wearing a dress in an elegant color.Purple is an exceptional choice and can make your big day even more memorable and unique. No-one will forget that moment when you walked down the aisle, but for all the right reasons.As purple is associated with royalty, it’s not surprising that it creates this image of wealth, style and affluence.

There are many variations of this color to choose from.You can choose a deep purple for a Fall or Winter wedding. This will make for great photographs against the Winter landscape.If you are celebrating your wedding in the Spring or the Summer then a traditional white dress, with purple accents or detailing, can be breathtaking.Are you ready to take the leap and wear an amazing purple wedding dress on your big day?purple wedding dress photo - 1


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