Red and white wedding dresses

Red color for bridal outfit is an ancient tradition. It roots in Ancient Rome where girls wore a bright red veil to attract prosperity. Later, in Medieval Europe, red was also a traditional color for a bride. But in 1840 when Queen Victoria put on a white dress as a sign of virginity and purity which started the new era of wedding fashion.

     And even nowadays, in many Asian cultures, such as Indian, Pakistani, Thai, Chinese or Turkish red dress is a traditional one for a wedding day.

     The dramatic fusion of white and red is appropriate for those with bright personality. Whether you want to express the uniquness of your nature, stand out from a bridal crowd or just break the stereotype, red-and-white gown is for you. It will suit brides with any hair color, look nice with any hairslyle. The most intriguing idea is to copy Carmen’s Spanish theme.

     This color combination is appropriate for any type of dress. It may be a knee-short tiny dress or chapel gown with numerous underskirts — it’s only for you to decide. The extent of color is also variable: from a neat red belt on a fully white dress to almost all-scarlet gown. Color may come in the material itself or in decorative elements (bows, beads, embroidery, etc). And don’t forget the accesories. Such an unusual dress choise is a great chance to play with details matching shoes, gloves and vail or hat. Also, be careful with the bridal bouquet; if not combined prpoperly, it can merge with the dress.

     By the way, when opting for a red and white wedding dress as a bride you should be careful with the bridesmaids’ outfits. If all of you put on same style outfits it can look like a total failure.

     And what is even more significant, see that your style matches the groom’s. Otherwise he can look really pale and colorless standing next to you.

     The most famous red bridal gowns were created by Vera Wang. In spring of 2013, she created her unique collection of red dresses. They vary in style and colod shades but none of them posesses any white details.

     Whether you are looking for a brand red and white wedding dress, check the Claudia Bridal items. They are restrained and elegant and show the ideal balance of colored and decorative details.

     The similar gowns are made by Aelay. Both brands offer strapless A-shaped silhouettes designed mostly from white material with modest decoration.

     In case you feel you have enough creativity to customize your wedding gown yourself, you can easily add some bright accesoires to a simple white dress such as belt, shoes, gloves, purse or veil. And keep in mind the bridal bouquet.

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