Red wedding dresses

     Nowadays the wedding fashion is getting prodigious changes. Traditional snow-white attires, symbolizingpurity and innocence go to the background. Designers present the brides unprecedented dresses that shockand surprise, and the ones are getting more and more followers.

White wedding dresses became popular in the world just in the XIX century, because of English QueenVictory. Before that there was much demand on red, blue, gold and black wedding dresses.

Red is the color of power, energy and passion. Also red is the color of love and it let’s the bride to show herfiery character. You should feel yourself congenial and sexy, the color shouldn’t be brighter than youyourself. The bride in the red dress should try to create an organic, not vulgar character.

Modern designers are completely experimenting with the bride’s image. Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang,Romona Keveza, Alexander McQueen have presented elegant and chic wedding collections, the main placeamong which took the red dresses. What is more the color was used both completely and partly.

For instance, in the collection Helga the red color has become indispensable addition. Mainly, it was used inwide and narrow belt ribbons, worn over the white dress. At the same moment Lugo Novias preferred to adda bright color with the help of flowers, which covered the dress.

On the contrary, famous Vera Wang, creating the red story, considered to use red broader to get the wholethe potential of the bright color. Her dresses highly differ with the intensity. While some dresses are orange-red, other are dark-red, in such a way the modeler shows the wide range of red color and how different canit be. The prices on red wedding dresses are almost like the classic ones.

Different designed dresses cost from400 dollars and higher depending on designer and model. For example, A-line Strapless Sleeveless ChapelTrain Satin Wedding Dress costs 500 dollars in the USA while the Nora wedding dress of Vera Wang costs 5200 dollars

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