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     Silver dress is an ideal variant for those who are going to the festive party. Such order will create a halo of incredible attractiveness. With silver shimmer and languorous flickering you will be a real princess.

     Wish to be a Belle of the ball? Silver dress will help you. Put on short silver dress and your look will make every evening an unforgettable holiday. Flickering of silver and platinum is a win-win situation for the New Year party. And the romantic evening in such dress will end with passionate confession in love or even propose to marriage.

     As silver color has lots of shadows, many women can allow themselves to putt it on: blondes with light skin, brunettes, and brown hair women.

Color combination

     The most frequently asking question is what can I put on with my silver dress? It is worth nothing that there are not so much shadows which have a good harmony with silver color. There are black and blue colors. So if you decide to put on cape or light shawl (and there are maximum which you can combine with silver dress) it will be better to use just these shadows. The other clothes may spoil the look.

     Silver dress is magnificent by itself, so you don’t need to overload it with unnecessary elements of clothes.

Choosing the shoes

     Undoubtedly, beloved classic will pass to silver dress most of all: the black high heeled shoes will harmoniously complement your ideal look. The mode of shoes needs to be elegant, so it is better to forget about massive platforms or too open sandals.

     Nevertheless, those who like bright colors can choose that advantageous look: silver dress, blue shoes and blue handbag. You can also try purple shoes or cyan shoes. The variant when the silver dress and silver shoes are together will be interesting, if the shoes have another shadow of silver.

Silver wedding dress

     Silver wedding dresses need special consideration. Nowadays it is difficult to surprise anyone with wedding gown. It is obvious, because lots of shops can offer you incredibly beautiful models. Although there is the silver dress, which can stand out among them. This dressing gown will surprise even the most steadfast public. Tender flickering on daylight will make the bride a real pearl. Such dress will be the same attractive in winter and in hot summer day. The shining of the dress will have pretty shimmer in daylight, in wedding ceremony and in restaurant.

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