Strapless wedding dresses can become your perfect choise

If you are a fearless bride who is proud of her sublime shoulder line, a strapless wedding dress is the choice for you. And no matter which type of bottom you pick up, your neck will surely be a gazing stock. It is also a perfect neckline type if you are eager to emphasize you unique jewellery, by the way.

     Strapless wedding gowns need to hold some exrta support inside; it may be a hidden internal corset or brassiere to hold the breasts. Also the bodice itself should be tight enough to prevent your gown from slipping down. So a perfect strapless dress shoud fit you like a glove, but be careful: it also should not be too narrow. Small bodice will cause discomfort to you and be visible to others.

     Strapless top gives designers the absolute liberty when it concerns the skirt. It may be a gorgeous chapel train bottom, or fluffy princess skirt, or luxuruois sandra, or even enormous cathedral gown. If your oprion is a modest short dress, strapless one is also easy to find.

     Such gowns welcome any type of decoration. Lace and beads, diamonds and patterns, ribbons and bows make a perfect match with an open shoulder dress. A pait of long gloves can polish the outfit.

Comparison of several brands

     Every gown designer is proud to present several strapless models in every his or her collection.One of the most reputed wedding designers is Vera Wang. Famous for her red and black gowns, she never stops generating new ideas. Her dresses are ultimately feminine, posh and elegant. She manages to combine silk and organza, satin and tule with various decorative elements.The price for Vera Wang dresses is from $350 to $1800.

     The Casablanca brand specializes in high quality lux dresses but tries to keep the competitive prices. The prize-winning brand has a wide range of desings and silhouettes. Only the best materials are used for the gowns which can boast the ideal cutting and give a perfect fit. Casablanca also uses all types of decorations to satisfy the dreams of the most elegant brides.The prices for Casablanca gowns vary from $965 to $1800.

     The luxury with a French shade comes from Monique Lhuillier. Her style is the ultimate glamour and sophistication, due to which her dresses have been chosen by famous style icons in America and worldwide. Monique Lhuillier combines provocative torn elements and grotesque bows with the finest French lace and exquisite embroidery. The palette is mostly classic: white, ivory and champagne.The prices vary from $2000 to $3000.

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