Trending features of oslamic weddind dresses

How and what dress to wear to a Muslim wedding.

Islamic wedding dresses are an honor to Islamic beliefs. This is through the simplicity and modest y of its design. Although the dress varies from one country to the other, it features various layer designs. This includes the clothing and the head covering. The styles come with a variety of colors. In some countries, bridal dresses are preferred and in some countries a variation of different colors.

Significance of the wedding dress

In most countries, a Islamic wedding dress such as an abaya is worn on a daily basis. It is usually black without any particular features. However, during weddings women wear a dress with lighter colors and decorated with more details. An abaya designed for a wedding can be pink, blue, and white or vary even more depending on the customs and taste of a particular region.

Price and Features

Western features are also allowed in some regions. Dresses that are made of white silk should feature long sleeves. In most cases, the headpiece is included to honor the Islamic culture of covering their hair. The dresses range from $160 to $360 with the long sleeved Islamic wedding dresses fetching the higher price range.


In parts of Palestine and India, women prefer bright red dresses with a customary shape. A local sari with a matching veil with intricate patterns is a common wedding dress in both countries.


For a more modest look, high necklines and covered arms is a custom within the Muslim culture. The more conservative often include gloves that are well coordinated with the dress.


Previously, the wealthy families or countries spent extravagant amounts purchasing Ialamic wedding dresses. With changes in financial status of these families, most countries have adjusted their trend to a more pocket friendly option of renting. This trend has become so popular in parts of U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. Bridal shops in these countries have now introduced rental services to cater for this pervasive trend.

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