Embracing trendy green wedding dresses

Earth-friendly wedding dresses are now the trend in fashion design. A number of options are available to brides opting for the eco-style. Wedding gowns span from local and handmade to used or vintage and renting or new designer versions.

Local and Handmade

Green wedding dresses can be made from sustainable fabrics. These include peace silk, hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, silk blends or even vintage fabrics.

Used or Vintage

Various online resources offer vintage or gently-used gowns for weddings. As well, you can prowl local thrift stores to find if any are available. When shopping for used or vintage wedding dresses, keep an open mind to ensure getting the right fit for your body.


At present, there are numerous online designers of earth-friendly wedding dresses focusing on sustainable fabrics. They include Annatarian, Isadora Clothing, Natural Bridals, Leanne Marshall, Nicole Lenzen, Poetic Justice Gowns, Olivia Luca, Tara Lynn, Puridee, Wai-Ching Bridal and Threadhead Creations.

A majority of couples are now settling for green wedding dresses. Selecting one from the choices listed above will enable you attain this goal without having to dress your ceremony down.

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